PATT Cover PagePhysician Alignment: Tips & Trends (PATT)

Bi-Annual Report

The healthcare landscape has become increasingly complex with the need to involve physicians in most every strategic decision, as value-based care becomes the way of the future. Meanwhile, the surge of private equity transactions into the healthcare space has been enormous. To add to the mix, the highly regulated nature of the industry creates unique barriers to new alignment models. Balancing these factors in order to drive a successful physician alignment strategy is no easy task.

Founded in 1995, VMG Health now values over 4,000 transactions annually throughout the United States. As a result, VMG Health has extensive insight into the industry and critical success factors associated with physician alignment. Understanding how to drive higher reimbursement in the new environment, along with navigating healthcare regulations is required for healthcare executives to be successful in today’s environment. For any one transaction, or contractual arrangement with a physician, a multitude of parties are involved, including representatives from: strategy, finance, compliance, legal, human resources, operations, and potentially outside consultants. It can be challenging to tie all these groups together to effectively achieve physician alignment goals. The PATT Report provides timely insight to help healthcare leaders better understand the physician alignment landscape in order to facilitate successful strategy development and implementation.

  • Health System Challenges & Strategies (Reimbursement & Expense Trends, IT Systems, Physician Compensation Model Design)
  • Physician Insight & Trends (Physician Perspective, Major Trends in Physician Compensation, Primary Care Evolution)
  • The Latest in Regulatory Guidelines (New Stark / AKS Proposed Rules, Non-Governmental Payors & The Travel Act, Joint Ventures, Private Equity Investment in Healthcare)